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Networking and meetings at London Bridge

Tower Bridge

So had a busy day today… lots of web work in the morning and then at 2 downed tools and picked up my ipod notebook business cards and good book and ambled on up to the station, my destination was London Bridge, it was a rather misty day so when I arrived there you could just see St Pauls and Tower Bridge through the mist, First stop was ‘All Bar One’ where I met Peter A’ and Gillian and their friend Iain, Peter and Gillian have been writing a book together for years.. and they are now heading into the final furlong, so I am making them a website to shop it around and Iain is the art director, when I arrived it looked like the meeting was going very well, a couple of bottles of wine littered the table, and they looked very animated, I soon joined in and we had a great meeting, Iain and I hit it off from the offset with our love of trees and film, it was a very productive meeting and I am really looking forward to making them a really imaginative

Tower Bridge

groovy site! Next up Paula who I met at the BNI meeting a couple of weeks ago met me there, she had very kindly invited me to the Iliad networking meeting which was taking place just over the other side of the bridge at the oldest office spaces in London, the name escapes me now…(Paula has e-mailed to tell me: Adelaide House, And just read in my book that it was built in 1925 it was the tallest office block in London and the first building to employ the steel frame technique, which was later used for skyscrappers in New York and Chicago (source:I Never Knew That About London.)this was yet another twist on networking, I hadn’t realised when I filled my form in and added the requested image that it was to be displayed in rotation along with 80 odd other peoples all throughout the evening!!! nightmare, had I known this I might have picked a more appropriate image… IE not one of me sat in a garden in shorts!!! Once again I met some great interesting people.. headed home shattered at 9ish… not used to these late nights… 🙂 Thanks to Paula for the invite. altogether a rather splendid day!

View from the meeting room

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