So after quite a hectic morning I was at midday to be found in the Stag in Enfield ready for my third networking luncheon with the Athena group. Its still quite a daunting task, walking into that room of people. Today there were a lot of new faces which was great either subs or guests, just to explain a sub is someone who takes your place if you can’t make it one month. Rosy did her talk on this at the beginning of the meal.. I sat there wondering who on earth I would ask to sub me… all I could think of was Doug, but as he is a man he would have to don a skirt for such an occasion 🙂 and I’m not too sure Rosy would approve. Today the theme was national women’s day, we had been asked if we could dress up, but after a lot of thought and phone calls to Liz’s sister sadly none of us could come up with anything suitable, so I was relieved to see that when I arrived others had made that decision too… Julia however looked fantastic she had dressed as a one of the first female interior decorators Syrie Maugham Bridgette made a very emotional talk about her best friend whom she had sadly lost after a valiant battle with cancer. As I sat around the room listening to these ladies talk it made me think just how amazing women are, imaginative, creative, multi tasking, great company, and that’s just the ladies in the room!I as ever was very nervous about my one minute, as I have such a passion for music I had decided I would do what used to be known as a ‘mixtape’ I still call it that as ‘mixcd’ doesn’t have quite the same feel about it. so put together a compilation of some of my favorite songs sung by women for each member, as you can imagine I had enough music to fill about 10 Cd’s… but had to limit it to the following:

Ladies Day Mix Tape

1. Latter Days Over the Rhine
2. Curious Soul astray k d lang
3. My love is like a red red rose Eddi Reader
4. Goodby to love The Carpenters
5. Tupello Honey Dusty Springfield
6. I’de rather go blind Etta James
7. I don’t want to talk about it Everything but the girl
8. Silver Springs Stevie Nicks
9. Me and Bobby Mcgee Janis Joplin
10. The Big Sky Kate Bush
11. They don’t know Kirsty MacColl
12. Ballad of Lucy Jordan Marianne Faithful
13. Far Away Martha Wainwright
14. Just Like a woman Nina Simone
15. Who knows where the time goes Sandy Denny
16. Possesion Sarah Mclachlan
17. Strong Enough Sheryl Crow
18. In Liverpool Suzanne Vega

i was hoping that with having a prop my minute would go smoother but alas… still need to work on that! after our minutes Lynn did a brilliant talk mentioning some of them women that inspired her, At which point I was thinking of my lovely Grandma who was a wonderful Irish lady, who met Grandpa in the war and sadly passed away this very day a year ago ages 92. Ironic that she died on St Patrick’s day as she never lost her lovely Irish accent. So this blog is for all your inspirational women:-)

Here are a couple of the tracks that didn’t quite make it:

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