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Small Business Networking Muswell Hill today

Another great meeting today provided by the ladies of the Small Business Network I collected Louise again and we headed off in the glorious sunshine to Muswell Hill parked the car whilst chatting away and headed off to the meeting, The room soon filled up with people, each month there seems to be more and more people which is great! The minutes showed what a very eclectic group this one is, they do not have the rule here of one type of business per group, but even with the amount of people there was little over lapping, the roles that were similar the people had a very distinct take on. The talk today was my Oma Edoja, and it was ideal as it was all about presenting your minute (which I am hopless at, though I did have a last minute flash of inspiration today) she told us her magic four points to consider when composing ou minutes and how to get the best out of the small amount of time we have on offer. So another cracking meeting! thanks as ever to Liz and Dominique. Oh and as i left and turned to Louise in query as to where we had parked, we both looked rather blank, so keen were we to get to the meeting… so there followed some darting about the back streets of Muswell Hill, but one Polo was soon found 🙂

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