Well, had to get up bright and early today to attend my first Breakfast Networking,  now this one wasn’t too bad, as it was 8 – 10 I believe some of them start at 6am!!! Doug collected me and we headed off into the morning sunshine to the Willow in Winchmore Hill, it seems this is a popular choice of location with  Networking groups.  This was a new group for me, It was suggested by Julia from Drapemasters . As Doug and I pulled in we were greeted by the smiling face of Louise from ‘Reflexology Plus’ (website pending as we are working on it at the mo’), It’s great to see friendly faces at these events. We headed in and were told all about this group by Julia,  A full Breakfast was offered, but it was far too early to eat for Louise and I 🙂 The meeting went very well, there were a good number of people there,  Sara from Benefacto was soon to arrive she and I are getting to be real pro’s at this networking lark!

This meeting has a different structure again, in that during the course of the meeting we swap 3 business cards with people we would like to have a one to one with,  the first person I was introduced to was Lesley Morrissey who runs a company called Lesley Writer this was a great introduction for me as she specialises in content on website, what to write and how to write it so people will retain the infomation and want to read more, she was also the speaker for today, and gave a very interesting talk about Social Media, what to do, how often to do to and who to aim it at..  Once we had our 1-1’s the meeting proceeded, oh and Doug and I decided to change the formula a little and instead of talking about oursleves during our 40 seconds we talked about each other and what we have brought to each of our respective business’s, I think that was a great idea of Dougs.. as ever full of bright ideas.  So all in all a very pleasant meeting, a great group! thanks to Julia for inviting me along!

check out their website at www.4networking.biz.co.uk

Published On: March 24th, 2011 / Categories: Business /