Anny Celsi at the Green Note

Due to a last minute change of plans I was able to attend the Anny Celsi/Nelson Bragg gig at the Green Note in Camden, Anny and Nelson have been over here a few times but sadly I had been unable to attend before, so was really looking forward to it as my friends had said how great they are!  I decided we would drive, made life easier and weird as it may sound I like driving in London, its always strange to see the tube stations from the overview, I guess I am still a country girl at heart:-)  So the sat nav took us its usual random route!  but we got there in the end, and as we drove down Camden High Street I spotted Nelson’s mane like hair sweeping through the streets of Camden, along with Anny and their warm up act Duncan Maitland. The Gods were looking out for us as we managed to find a parking space literally outside the front door! Once parked we went over the road to Pizza Express and had a lovely meal, though having seen the food that was being served in the Green Note I wished we could have gone there.. but felt I couldn’t really inforce my music and veggie food on Liz in one night! As soon as we walked in I spotted Paul and Ashley Adsett, Paul looking very resplendent sans beard! We managed to join them for the evening, The room soon filled up, all of a sudden a hush filled the room as Sir Peter Blake ambled in!  I have seen him a few times before as he is such a huge Brian Wilson fan!  infact years ago when he had been on the Johnny Walker show on radio 2 I had e-mailed in, as it is often said that he would much rather have done the Pet Sounds album cover than the one he is known for ‘Sgt Pepper’ and I had asked Johnny to ask him what he would have done, alas Johnny read out the first part of the e-mail but didn’t actually pose the question, so later on in the evening I asked Sir Peter what he would have done to which he replied ‘who knows’ to which I replied ‘but it would have been wonderful’ and he said ‘it would indeed’ I asked if I could take his picture which he didn’t mind at all, but sadly due to my nerves it is rather a poor shot…  Oh well…

Sir Peter Blake

So back to the music, Duncan Maitland was as I mentioned the warm up. I had not been to the Green Note before, the stage is tiny, but well worn, I wondered whos tapping feet it had graced before… Duncan was rather brilliant!  wonderful guitar player and very quirky cool songs,  he also added a fantastic version of ‘ Starman’ that had everyone singing along!  Nelson joined him on a track called ‘Insect under the stone’ Once Duncan had as Nelson put it ‘entertained us’ We had a short break before Anny Celsi and Nelson joined him on the stage,

The three of them put on a wonderful show, Anny looked fantastic in her paisley top and purple tights! looking like she had just walked in off a warm Laural Canyon street to entertain us with her Californian pop. We were treated to about 17 songs!  I had purchased her cds earlier and couldn’t wait to get to know them after hearing these brilliant live renditions, Nelson was hilarious especially when he sang one of the songs from his solo album (that I had played to Liz on the way over) ‘Forever days’ he said they are giving the drummer the guitar!!!!  but he was as brilliant on that as he is on his drums…  Once the music was over there was just time for a quick chat and some autographs before we headed for home, as I sit and write this the music of last night fills the room, and each time i listen to it I will be transported back to the ‘Green Note’ and this magical night once again!

The Band

Thanks guys for a wonderful evening of wonderful music!  heres to your next trip to these shores!

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