Had a most productive day today, first off it was over to the Willow Restaurant in Winchmore Hill for the monthly Cappuccino Connections, it was a great gathering as always and I met some lovely new people, and its great to see the familiar faces, we had a very interesting conversation with Bridgett about Hypno’ births and she told of a lady in Russia who delivers baby in the ocean!!! I had images of them being swept away, or better still surfing! caught up with louise of ‘Reflexology Plus’ to discuss the finishing touches of her website… then quickly over to Supreme Builders to set them up ready for starting work on their site, Perry the postman was there (it was he that suggested me to them, what a great postman to have!) then over to South Mimms to meet Irene Houston who is a brilliant internet guru for want of a better word, and has been over to the states to get ahead of the game re social media marketing and we hope to do some work together in the future! then off home to continue with owen’s Sunglasses site, so it was all go, but felt great to be free going from place to place, music blaring as I drove, meeting new people who are making their dreams a reality as well!

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