Conversations with Tom Robbins

After featuring my all time favourite author, the magical and inspiring Mr Tom Robbins on my website, I received an e-mail from a chap called Liam O’Purdon, he and his friend have taken all the interviews that Tom has given over the years for his 9 tomes starting with Rolling Stone in ’76. We join Tom as he answers the various questions from these keen interviewers, I know from experience that it is a daunting task to e-mail Mr Robbins, nothing to do with him as he sends the most entertaining e-mails I have ever received, it’s just that his writing is so wonderful and other worldly that I felt the foolish pressure of having to keep up when replying, and I felt that some of the people asking the questions must have felt the same, though I must say they all seemed to really know his work, and really got some great insights out of him. I know Tom would hate this, or a least not agree, but I felt that everyone should read this book, to garner just a little of his wisdom, he has openly stated that he has taken the road less travelled and doesn’t regret a bit of it, having started to write when he was just 5 he tells of how when given scrap books meant for gluing images he would instead write a story, and his mother would read them, he did find them years later, and said even at such an early age he had his style already formed. I won’t fill the review with quotes as I don’t wish to spoil it for the reader, but just to whet your appetite here are a couple of my fav’s:  ‘ I always make important decisions on the 1st of April, that way if anything gets screwed up I have something to blame’ and a meeting of the minds occurred when he met Timothy Leary, bumping into Tim Leary whilst buying brussels sprouts – Leary asked how do you know which ones to buy, to which Tom replied, I pick the ones that are smiling.  I have read out sections of this book to my partner during ‘earth hour’ and my Mum during Mothering Sunday, both enjoyed it thoroughly whilst also looking slightly bemused.. I think it takes a certain type of person to appreciate Tom! But once you have read his books and are in for the ride, you really won’t ever be the same again!  The world is a more magical place, and as he says in one of his interviews you really do learn to appreciate each and every breath!


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