well what a gorgeous sunny day it was today, it was kind of a shame to be spending it indoors, Sara and I were off to yet another networking event, we had been invited by Thomas of the North London Chamber to go to their event at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre.  We had a lovely drive over listening to the brand new album from k d lang, the sun streaming down, and when we got to the event there were some familiar faces so that was reassuring.  The venue was brilliant, very light and airy, lovely wooden roof, and the other benefit of this event was the big screen that showed our businesses off as we chatted.  The first person I met was Zoe who runs Zinfinity but was wearing two hats today as she was also telling people about a very interesting networking event in Capel Manor which I will sign up for as it is to take place in a maze!!! http://www.emergelondon.org.uk/ so we met lots of lovely new people, made some great connections, even a possible PR for Stevie!!!  so thanks to the NLCC for another great event! oh and how could I forget, Sara won the prize draw!!!  a huge hamper with the biggest easter egg I had ever seen!!! so well done Sara!

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