Twitter Your Business: A beginner's guide to using Twitter to successfully promote you and your business.Twitter Your Business: A beginner’s guide to using Twitter to successfully promote you and your business. by Mark Shaw
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This book was suggested to me by a lady I met on the Small Business Network meeting, who informed me that she now gets 45% of her business through twitter, obviously I was most intrigued! so I asked Alicia (Absolute PA) how she achieved this, her answer was simple, if you want to be serious about Twitter you need to invest in this book.. It is an ebook, so it was also a great excuse to use my ebook reader I got for Christmas. So I immediately purchased the book and have been putting Mark’s words of wisdom into practice. The book is not a get rich quick guide, it simply tells us in plain and simple terms how to get the most out of Twitter, it is an easy read I was a little concerned it would be arduous; as how much can you really read about twitter, but interspersed within the text are peoples experiences and how it has impacted on both their business life and their real life as it were, this is a great way to make new friends and gain business! so in short if you want to get the most from Twitter best get this book first!

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