It is now April 20th we are all settling in very well. The days are drifting past. Ruby and I have found ourselves a routine; and we are getting along just fine! Which is very lucky as I must say there have been a few ructions in other rooms, Jo and Annette who live next to us are often to be heard screaming at each other! They were friends before they got here, It is mainly to do with the fact that Jo is now going out with David, one of the chef’s this has caused a bit of friction between them as Annette is single, the trials of life!
I am on the nightshift tonight, managed to keep myself busy all day, took a ride into town, had some specs on order, and as I appear to be going through my hippy phase, a bit late I know, I had decided to order some ‘John Lennon’ specs! Sadly after collecting these I inadvertently bumped into Alan, and to make matters worse he was cycling too! So he has followed me round for the rest of the day! Plus he took a longer route cycling home so I am completely knackered!
All is quiet… actually a little too quiet! Ut oh I have spoken to soon as I write this sitting behind my little desk, its 11.45 and with the writing of that last line people have started to appear. I better go open the bar………… do you know it never ceases to amaze me that they entrust me with the bar keys! The fools……….. Surely John would know better as the restaurant manager…. Then again he is usually the last to leave our night time parties! Anyways the reason for this particular late night gathering of our clan is it’s Andy’s birthday tomorrow, so once midnight had chimed it was decided he would just have to be thrown in the pool, everyone was tearing round trying to catch him, looked like a Marx brothers movie, what with all the chefs going one way and John the opposite, running madly round the pool!! I just prayed Karl wouldn’t hear all the commotion and come down! They eventually caught up with him, but unlucky for Andy he had made it out into the garden by then so they chucked him in the pond instead!! He is now covered in mud God that pond stinks…. Everyone has now decided to go for a swim, so six chefs one restaurant manager, one housekeeper and a few waitresses for good measure have just jumped fully clothed into the pool, needless to say I have been left looking after all the Guinness! Funnily enough I received a few comments this morning from the guests…’what was all the commotion outside the pool this morning’ whoops, I did manage to save the day however as I informed them that a few guests had gone for an early morning swim! They brought it too? Not too sure Amanda did though.

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