So once again our monthly meeting at Muswell Hill rolled around, this was an extra special one, as Sara (Benefacto) was to give us a speech on SEO. now I know how nervous she was about this, as I would be too! there are usually about 40 people at this event, and its a really mixed crowd, it really didn’t help that Sara had suffered a migraine the day before, probably brought on by the worry of the talk….  Liz and Dominique opened the meeting; there were a lot of new faces around which is always a good sign!  we went round and did our minutes,  The lady sat next to me was very interesting, her name was Jane Perry from Replenish who is a massage therapist,  as we chatted I mentioned music and   the fact that k d lang has a new cd out, and wouldn’t you know it Jane is from Alberta where kd is from 🙂

So as the meeting went on I could see Sara getting more and more anxious.. Wwhen she took to the stage though she was brilliant,  I recorded it for her to use on her site, she told us all about SEO, how google works, the way things are going in the future I.e Mobile sites and QR forms, and gave us a lot to ponder on, well done Sara!

So that was it for another month Thanks as ever to Liz and Dominique for putting on another great meeting, see you next month.


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