William Blake

Good Friday is of course the day that Christians remember the crucification of Jesus, images that we inherently know all our lives…
Here are a few facts about the day though,

The origin of the name Good Friday are believed to come from God Friday

The way it is told to us is as follows, Jesus was arrested, was tried, in a mock trial, was handed over to the Roman soldiers where he was beaten and flogged with whips. Then a crown of long, sharp thorns was thrust upon his head.

Jesus was forced to carry his own cross outside the city to Skull Hill. He was so weak after the beating that a man named Simon, who was from Cyrene, was pulled from the crowd and forced to carry Jesus’s cross the rest of the way.

Jesus was nailed to the cross. Two other criminals were crucified with him, their crosses were on either side of him. A sign above Jesus read “The King of the Jews.”

It is traditional for us to eat Hot Cross Buns with the cross of course commemorating Jesus Cross


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