Capel Manor Maze Event, interesting sign posts!

As you know the twists and turns of life lead us from path to path, due to Sara and I deciding to attend the Chamber of Commerce Networking last month, I met a lovely lady there called Zoe, who was organising a networking event with a twist, literally!  as it was to take place within the maze at Capel Manor, this is not Zoe’s main purpose in life, she is very well know in the area for her wonderful Jewellery (Zinfinity).


So this glorious sunny morning (thank goodness) Liz and I yes; I had managed to drag Liz along headed over to Capel Manor, now the idea of an event in a maze might sound like a great idea, and in fact it was, the only slight drawback was that Liz and I can in fact get lost with a  sat nav!  so can you imagine us trying to find our spot within a maze!!!!  talk about the Gods making a joke at our expense, so it took us an age to find what turned out to be a chair with ‘Lucy Web

Sara and me in the maze!

Designs’ written upon it, the other slight problem was, that as we had not been here before, we were unaware that the maze was in fact made of Holly! so therefore Liz’s brilliant ides of being patriotic and having red white and blue balloons wasn’t quite as great as initially thought, as throughout the day there were resounding pops echoing round the maze, but it was a great way of remind people we will still there :-).  So it all kicked off at 12, and we were met by some very interesting people, as the event was mainly aimed at artists, it was great for me to be able to offer them affordable websites, and the know how to look after them themselves once completed, we gave out flyer’s and business cards .. had the mac running a power point display. all great fun!

Just as we had settled in a little elf appeared out of the shrubbery, and no I had not been on the happy pills… One of Hayleys actors from ‘Skewbald Theatre’ was dressed in green with a Michael Stipe esq blue stripe across her head

Garry doing the talk

at one (ish) thankfully Garry (good Looking Optics) arrived to do the talk.  then at 3 it was the prize draw and wouldn’t you know it, I won a brilliant prize of a years free membership to Capel Manor, so we will be able to come back throughout the seasons and see the beautiful gardens as they change!

There was a great attendance, and it was nice to get to meet the other people at the event when we got to the middle of the maze, as the day wore on we cheated and snuck through the gaps! It was great to see Sue King from Enterprise Enfield there as well.

Thanks go to Zoe for putting on a brilliant event!  heres to the next one!

Oh and this in from Sara

I’m glad I came along today.  Breath of fresh air.  Lost in a hollybush maze, exploding balloons, green elf-thing, man with the rat and mice club… couldn’t make it up really!


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