Prince William

We had such a lovely day watching the Royal Wedding today, It really reminded me of what this country is all about, and how, on occasion we can all come together and have a splendid time.  It also of couse made made sorry that Princess Diana wasn’t there to see her son get married.  Years ago, in the 80’s in fact, my brother and I went to Brington on a miserable cold wet day, as we lived literally just down the road from Althorp, her brother Charles was getting married and Pete’s friend Adrian lived in Brington, therefore we had access to the church, as you will see from my attached snaps it rained all day and very heavily, but we weathered it, and got a glimpse of the royal family, including as you will see a very young Prince William.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Years later when I was working in a hotel in Kensington, as I was walking back to hotel, I passed Princess Diana just walking down the road in her gym kit, adorned with a baseball hat, it was just after those pictures had come out of her at the gym, she looked amazing, had no security with her, I looked and smiled and she returned the gesture and then…. she was gone…..

Charles and Diana in the rain

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