I was downloading a song the other day, having read of it mentioned, so just went to a different screen on my computer and clicked a button and moments later, there it appeared, filling my room with sound…. I am of the age where this is still pretty amazing… I remembered years before, ordering a cd from a shop!!! waiting for an age for it to be imported from America or Japan and then woe of woe’s having to persuade my father to drive me to Northampton, Spinadisc records -wonderful shop) to collect it.. and queue up and purchase the cd… but then even then the wait was not over as of course in those days we didn’t have cd players in cars. I then had to wait until I got home to pop it onto my huge cd player and sit and let the wonderful music envelop me… the cd in question was ‘The Beach Boys’ ten years of harmony’ most of the songs I already had this whole procedure was mainly to be able to hear Dennis singing ‘Sea Cruise’

So next time you open up itunes and press download… just think of all the fun and anticipation you are missing out on!

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