So It was my birthday today… I had a lovely day, the sun came out and I was busy with work so all good.. But even more than that I was inundated with ‘happy Birthday’ messages on my facebook page, I must say I do not mention this to boast about how popular I am but, instead to explore the notion of social media and the effect it must have had on the planet as a whole… ok so you are now tuning out and thinking this sounds rather heavy.. but let me just throw this little bit of information at you, out there in the world there is a group called the ‘Global Consciousness Project‘ they have the task of monitoring our collective consciousness—the consciousness of the “world mind,” as it were, they have discovered that we has a whole can cause dramatic changes in the output of random event generators (REGs). this in simple terms means that our group mind is literally affecting the world, whether we are conscious of doing so or not. The way this information is garnered is by a group who monitor 60 REG’s that are located all around the world

They have discovered that at certain times they suddenly all start generating non-random strings of data. We are not just talking the odd one or two but all of them at the same time. The question is why would this be? the evidence is that when a huge number of peoples thoughts are focused on the same event be it a joyous or horrendous one we give out some sort of effect on the world energy field, which causes a great coherence in the worlds order, making it less random
The most astounding bit of all this in my mind is that just prior to the 9/11 terrorist tragedy the REGs began moving from randomness toward coherence two hours prior to the disaster occurring, well what does this mean you might ask yourself well it indicates there is some kind of global-mind precognition. a part of us call it our intuitions seemed to know that something awful was about to occur. The reason I mention this is that it got me to thinking that with Social media and all the positive connections that now take place all over the world, we are able to communicate with people who ordinarily we wouldn’t. So the vibe of sending all those birthday message must in fact have a positive effect on the energy of the planet! what do you guys think?

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