So today I ventured to pastures new! I had been invited to the East London Super Social Media Diva’s day… I had no idea what to expect I had no idea where I was going 🙂 I headed into London very early! it is a bit of a trek from North London to East London I discovered, it also really didn’t help as the heavens had opened and it was chucking it down! I managed to find my way there, with the help of a lovely Bus Driver who informed me when I had reached my destination. The venue for the event was the Women’s Business Centre, I must say it was a very swish building!  and full of ladies looking to learn all there was about Social Media and how it can work for them. I was a bit too shy to join in the conversations so waited for the the main event. The first presentation was by a lady called:

Ali Mackenzie

Ali Mackenzie, who is a Grandma and is also a Social Media expert, she gave us a great over view of all the options available to us, short cuts the ways to link and what sort of content to use. She really got the day off to a great start! The room was filled with ladies who were of course at different levels of knowledge and that was also great as it meant that when questions were asked there was a wealth of shared knowledge within the room!


Zoe Cairns

Next up was a lady called Zoe Cairns, who used to be a property expert and used social media to make her business work even in the darkest depths of the recession, she gave us a brilliant and really took over where Ali had left off, telling us the etiquette of social media, not selling constantly and so on, the benefit of video testimonials and also she really took us through the tools we can use to get the best out of all the mediums and of course those to avoid.


Dawn Mendonca

Then the afternoon got off to a roaring start with Dawn Mendonca who has made her money just from YouTube video, so she had a wealth of knowledge, her talk became interactive when much to our distress she asked us to video ourselves! very stressful!  She was a brilliant speaker full of such enthusiasm for her subject, her excitement was palpable she told us how she hit bottom but had an hallelujah moment, and turned her life around, she set herself the challenge of a 90 day video challenge and after that she had taught herself the techniques and she was off!


Dominica Alicia

The last speaker was Dominica Alicia who is from Poland and having started off in the Uk working in tesco at night has managed to make a successful company advising people on how to get the best out of Social Media, she surprised us all by not only sharing her top 12 marketing tips but also throwing a free cd into the mix!

So all in all a wealth of knowledge was shared with those of us that ventured to East Ham, and I would like to thank all those involved for making it a great informative day!