Laura Leigh Clarke

Well what a very interesting meeting! I collected Louise as always and we headed off to Muswell Hill chatting away about all that has occurred since we last met.

There wasn’t quite such a large turnout as last month, but i wonder if that’s due to it become a member based group..? Louise and I took our seats and next to me on my right was Margarita Coleman who does Numerology, I have no knowledge of this, so asked her some questions about it, fascinating stuff! dating back to  Socrates and possibly earlier! As the conversation flowed she worked out my numbers and I must say she seemed to be right on the money.. but more of that later..

Talking of money the speaker today was a lovely lady called Laura Leigh Clarke, she used to be a physicist but has now turned her hand to Wealth! Isn’t it funny how sometimes the most logical notions are in fact the best!  Laura was telling us about a chap called Roger Hamilton who twenty or so years ago asked some students about the career path they planned to take, would it be a job they loved or would they go for the one they felt they ought to do to make the most money, well the result was pretty conclusive, 1500 or so figured they had to do a certain job whether they enjoyed it or not, out of them only one became a millionaire, but the other group of which only 225 said they would follow their heart, well out of that small number 100 were millionaires!  so the long and short of it is if you do something you love you will have a better chance of succeeding!

wealth dynamics square

This was not the only part of the talk, it would seem that like Margarita’s numerology we can be defined by our characters as to which role would be best for us, and it seems if we only realise that we can’t do everything, but in fact find what is best for us and use others who’s capabilities compliment ours we stand a much better chance of succeeding!

I suggested to Margarita that it would be really interesting if she did her profiles and compared them with those of Laura… I wonder what that would tell us!

Louise really liked the fact that Laura was talking about such a business based subject but she was also bringing in her knowledge of the chakra’s at the same time, and its as if now people are realising how it is all interlinked…. maybe we are slowly finding the keys to the kingdom after all!

So another interesting day in my world…. there is just so much to learn!