Margarita Coleman

As promised yesterday, the Numerology kindly given to me by Margarita Coleman

Date of birth, soul work.  1 – 6 – 1972 . ( 1+6+1+9+7+2= 26) You are working on serving the group ( humanity), and guiding others gently( ie encourage others, not telling them what to do). With this number you can make a great guide. 26/8 is known as the ‘carer of the little ones’, that can translate as ‘caring for /guiding’ -children, adults, and/or the human family in general.  You are being asked to demonstrate leadership and courage and be a pioneer !  To use your heart, compassion, ‘serve humanity’. when I say that, I mean from a soul perspective/higher level, not as being a ‘servant’ in the traditional sense. Truth is important  to you and is also something you are working on,  discriminating on what the truth is. You are also working on the right use of power, not allowing others to power over you , and at the same time not exerting undue power over others.

Name, ie your gifts, talents, challenges – Extremely sensitive on an emotional and feeling level. You can feel your own feelings deeply, and can pick up other people’s too. Your sensitivity is a gift, but sensitivity can also be a challenge, having to live in the world.
You are highly intuitive ( hence I said ‘listen to your intuition, as its ur inner wisdom guiding you !). And Pyschic.  You can ‘just know’ stuff without having to be told. You could definitely practice any of the intuitive arts if u were interested , because u are naturally very intuitive and psychic.
You have very high standards in life and could get disappointed if life didnt meet up your high expectations !But the advice is , its great to have high expectations, but do your best and let go of outcomes, as the result that you may have ‘wanted’, from a higher perspective may not have been the ‘best ‘ one.  You’re very idealistic and  can be very inspired.  Likely to be a very responsible person. can speak on behalf of any cause where they need a spokesperson, ie good at representing causes/people. definitely like your own space, dont always want to be in the crowds. love nature. Can materialise quickly, like magician type energy, bringing everything together and making something happen.  Overall a very practical person, who can find new ways of doing things, eg being an  innovator.  You are an extremely creative person and must be bubbling with ideas ! You exude joy , happinesss, a fun  loving person , very social, u can inspire and uplift others.  The challlenge could be that you may scatter yuor energy/ get scattered.  Plus its important that you value yourself well,  and cultivate a high self worth/self image… sorry I’m not expressing it very well,  but hopefully u will know what I mean.

your personal year.
every year the universal year changes, ie from 2010 to 2011. And you change, you are  year older. So u are being influenced by different energy each year. Your personal year runs from birthday to birthday, ie for you, from 1st june in 2011 to 1st june 2012.
Your year ending 1st june 2009, was the end of a 9 year cycle. ( our lives run in cycles of 9 years. and we have
9 cycles in life, which means 9×9 = 81 years , an average life span)
Your year starting from 1st June 2010 was the beginning of a new 9 year cycle. must have been new beginnings for you, in some area. You were age 38 on that birthday, so that year from 1 june 2010 to 1 june 2011 you must have felt like you were making a breakthrough.
The year just started, from 1st june 2011 to 1 june 2012, should be very inspired…
I identified the week beginning Monday 4th July, as being significant/important… watch out for what happens that week.  Its also entirely possible that next week, beginning monday 27 june could see ‘new creative
Also, altho’ I dont do prediction (!) – whatever seeds you are planting now in ur life, the peak of your year comes in early to mid december,  so those seeds that u are planting now at the beginning of yuor year, they should  bear fruit at that time, so watch out and note what happens then !

so watch this space.. lets see what happens on the week of the 4th! I’m off to see The Beach Boys on the 7th! so maybe get to say hi to Mike and Bruce that would be cool!  and thanks again to Margarita very interesting stuff!!!!

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