Perfect LivesPerfect Lives by Polly Samson
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I was lucky enough to win this book! I cast my eyes over to my tweet deck whilst i was working away and up popped a tweet from those lovely people at Virago asking a question I happen to know the answer too.. and low and behold I was the first to reply.. and a few days later this great little book popped through my letter box!

So to the book itself, it is a collection of short stories by a lady called Polly Samson. I hadn’t read any of her books before. Polly writes with such a wonderful descriptions, the book reminded me at times of Mrs Dalloway, the way she really described the minutia of life. It was fun to dip in and out of other peoples lives and problems through these pages. it was also nice the way she returned to some of the characters in the later stories.

So all in all I am very pleased I won this great book!

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