Having been a big fan of Simm and Garf since the late 80s, as I put on Paul Simons latest offering, his 12th solo album, it is as though I am being greeted by an old friend. That familiar voice so unaltered unlike his counterparts that have reached the same age as he. The album is full of Simon’s wisdom still totally on the money, his sharp intelligence leaves it’s mark on each song.

With some music you can read and have it on in the back ground but I always find with Paul Simon you are drawn to the words, keen to know what his thoughts are, at this time in our lives. It’s a great album; Love is an eternal, scared light reminds me a lot of Boy in The bubble, more for the words than the music. A bouncy little number. ‘A lot of the album touches upon mortality, none more so than the aptly named ‘afterlife’. When death does come knocking in The Afterlife, rather than bringing an end to earthly trials, it presents a bureaucratic chore where “you’ve got to fill out a form first, then you wait in the line.” Even such deities as Buddha, Moses and Gene Vincent must endure this process: the ultimate joke. Dazzling Blue is a beautiful song, ‘Maybe love’s an accident, or destiny is true. But you and I were born beneath a star of dazzling blue.
Dazzling blue lovely plucking guitar and harmonies, an ode to his wife.
A classic really! Nuff said!

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