It was decided that I should look into BNI as part of our ‘Loving Social Media‘ business, I am already a member of the ladies group Athena which I love and have really seen help my business and have made new friends.

Michael suggested I attend the BNI meeting today at the lovely Willow Restaurant in Winchmore Hill.  I was still a little dazed after our late night rocking with The Beach Boys, but put my business head on and shot off to the venue.  I was amazed at how many people attend this group, there must have been at least 50 people in attendance!  with such a wonderful cross section of businesses covered, plumbers, gardeners, builders, travel agents, property investments, solicitors, graphic designers pretty much every business you could think of were to be found in the room!

Next to me was a lovely chap called Matt who is a jeweller, as I believe Gregory announced to the room he looked more like rock star than a jeweller and the jewellery he was wearing was very impressive.. here is a link to his site.  I stood up and read my ‘minute’ terrified in front of so many new faces.

But all in all I would say what a brilliant chapter! and will seriously consider joining up!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

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