Carolyn and Graham

Great excitement today, my great friends from the North were coming to visit, I was lucky enough to win a raffle that had first price of a night in a local hotel, so thought this would be an ideal opportunity for Carolyn and Graham to come and play 🙂 they arrived at 1 ish, 3 hours London – Leeds not bad at all! especially as we had forgotten it was Silverstone Weekend! Carolyn and I had the great pleasure of working together in Leeds… that chapter of the ‘vodka diaries’ is yet to be written… much to her concern 😉


We headed off into London, the weather was kind to us and the sun blasted down, London was a hive of activity, we decided to go to Waterloo and stroll along the Thames up to Tower Hill, as in the evening we planned to go on the Jack The Ripper London walk.
there seemed to be even more activity that normal along the Thames, they have made it almost like the seaside.. with wonderful old fashioned Beach Huts along the way, sand.. sunshine.

Carolyn with St Pauls as the backdrop

We stopped after what seems like miles for a meal, in the gourmet burger bar by the clink, gorgeous veggie burger for me and the others stuck with the more traditional; beef!
Then it was a mad dash and trying to locate a cab to take us the final part of the journey to Tower Hill to meet Steve, the guide from London Walks, we had done the Shakespeare Dickens walk earlier in the year and Carolyn and Graham were keen to do the Ripper walk having recently watched ‘Whitechapel’ so it was ideal.

London Walks 'Steve'

Steve was brilliant! such a charismatic guide, he really brought the whole story to life… really describing the conditions in London at the time, giving us all the options, it was like playing a virtual version of ‘Cluedo’ as ever with these walks we saw parts of London would never have seen alone and no doubt would never be able to find again.. it was thoroughly enjoyable. we are still none the wiser though as to who did it… what are your theories?


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