Net Profit: How to Succeed in Digital BusinessNet Profit: How to Succeed in Digital Business by David Soskin
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I was recommended this book by a friend who had met the author and was so taken with what he had to say that he then bought his book. As the title suggests it was perfect reading for me, as my two income streams are my web designs business and my other, Loving Social Media. So I invested in a copy! It is very well written, easy to read and David gets his point across with stories to back up his knowledge. David Soskin for those who haven’t heard of him was the former CEO of Cheapflights and is now the chairman of, so as you can imagine has a wealth of knowledge to impart. Having said that a lot of what he is saying is common sense but sometimes that gets lost in the excitement of starting up a new business. So it was great to garner the knowledge of someone who has been there and done it! I would recommend this book to anyone who is either thinking of starting an online business or has been running one for a while.

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