Daniella and Julia with Athena Group Enfield's wedding prezzie

What a brilliant meeting we had today!  This is not to say that each month isn’t great, but this one had a lot of extra zing. Whether it was due to the fact that Daniella was just back from her honeymoon or that we have a month off for the summer, I don’t know! but right from the get go we were having fun fun fun! Rosy gave a great talk about ‘growing your network’ meaning that it’s all well and good going to the meeting each month and chatting to those who attend, but you also need to think of them all during the month, and if someone requires their particular niche, then suggest them.. also, it’s a great idea to attend other groups, as long as they don’t already have someone with your discipline.
Then it was round to our monthly minute! I was under pressure this month, more so than ever as I had attended my Athena new member training earlier in the month…. but I was soon put to shame, Julia donned herself in Jackie O shades and a napkin on her head to discuss the merits of her company in its war against bright light against telly’s and conservatories 🙂 Pauline!!! well Pauline disrobed!!! her discipline is how to make people look great for the right occasion, so her point was how different you can appear without makeup and the right attire.  But i have to say it seemed Antoinette stole the show, with her brilliant tennis match analogy for divorce law!  hilarious!!!!!  must see if I can get a copy to pop on here!

But the fun didn’t stop there!  Pauline was then in charge of the talk, she came up with such a great idea!  gave 3 groups a bag each containing miscellaneous items and then asked us to try and figure out who owned them, we came up with some hilarious scenarios, but Rosy’s team were the best, a lady who was playing away from home, had no kids, a Fiat car etc…. well… the twist in the tales was that all the contents of each bag was infact Pauline’s!!!  whoopppsssss

also check out these great photos taken by Yvonne who is a member in a different Athena Group..  she took these brilliant piccies for us 🙂

The Ladies of Athena Group Enfield