Today I had to get up and the crack of dawn, and head over to Enfield Golf Club for the BNI Vision Group! the reason for this you may ask…. I was subbing for Michael who has disappeared off to sunnier climbs, though having said that its actually pretty sunny here today!

I had no idea what I had let myself in for! This group is a live wire!!!  the room was buzzing and it wasn’t even 6.30!!!  I was in need of some cafeine but it all honesty it was way to early for a coke 🙂  I glanced over and saw a bleary eyed Garry Kousoulou who had also been on his hol’s and had in fact flown in at 2am!

There certainly is a great mix within this group, and they highlighted this very well in a presentation that was done by the ‘Wedding’ Group, comprising of a Florist, Photographer, and make Up Artist and Dry Cleaners, so it was a great lesson in how to suggest people for a job without being too heavy handed! They put on a great show!

The meeting was kept in check by our brilliant ‘Loving Social Media accountant Paul of Mostons, who was brilliant and funny with his little asides… so I was soon wide awake and taking it all in!

So all in all this is a great group! I just wish I could join but alas they already have a web chap 🙁  maybe I will get to sub again,  thanks for the welcome though guys and keep up the good work!

Oh and I forgot to mention, my business partner Garry had us all doing a mexican wave at 6.45am!!!!  Mad!!!!

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