We are on holiday as you may notice from the other posts and you know how places that you stay have dvds, well in our holiday venue there was this movie. I hadn’t heard of it but we thought we would give it a go.. directed by Jonathon Demme who directed Silence of The Lambs, and also of late some great Neil Young dvds so I shouldn’t really have been surprised when during the wedding scene the groom treated us to a wonderful rendition of Neil’s classic ‘Unknown Legend’ from the Harvest Moon album.

The other draw is Debra Winger who I always love.  Well after a slow start we were certainly sucked into this movie, Anna Hathaway is brilliant, as are all the supporting cast! Slowly we peel back the layers of their families grief to see how after a major family tradegy they learn to live and love again.

The story takes us through Kym’s sisters wedding, a carnival of music and hippys and eccentricities to accompany the nuptials. All in all it’s a cracking movie!

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