The Covenant Of Genesis (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, #4)The Covenant Of Genesis by Andy McDermott

Not my usual fare but a great holiday read which is where I devoured this book.. in just 4 days! it was like being in a Spielberg film or a Dan Brown esq book – I guess that is the name given to this type of read. Completely far fetched but great fun.

We meet Nina well actually we meet a few people prior to meeting Nina but they don’t last for quite as many pages as she does 🙂 She is an archeologist with a difference and has already found some of the amazing things that we can but dream of finding in the real world, like King Arthur’s Tomb, Excaliber and so on. So it seems there are a few other books I should really have read first.

Anyhow, we meet Nina just as she is about to find an ancient tablet with some unknown text written upon it. Her partner is a chap called Chase, who gets her out of all kinds of fixes… It’s the kind of book that would make a great movie, Andy has a great descriptive writing style so you can really visualise the scenarios they find themselves in.

If you are off on holiday then I would say you could do worse than taking this along for the ride.

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