Other PoetryOther Poetry by Tho’ Khac

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I was sent this lovely book by the author Tho Khac,he has taken his favourite poems and given the option of reading them in either Vietnamese of English. The translations were done by J Do Vinh The poems are an eclectic mix, he stated in the forward that what he wanted to do was ‘ select poems from the first phase of Vietnamese new formalism poetry to prepare this form of poetry for the next generation of poets’. a big ask but I think he has achieved just that!

Its a beautiful compilation of the thoughts of today’s poets. it includes the poetry of Stephen John Kalinich, Frederick Feirstein, Nguyen Dang Thurong.

It’s a great read and if your into poetry you really should invest in a copy of this book!

I have a signed copy of this book up for the winner of this very easy question!  Which was the first song Stephen Kalinich wrote with Dennis Wilson?  e-mail me here to win your own copy of this great book!

You can view one of Stevie’s poems here

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