Charles Dickens Blue Plaque

A few days ago Liz and I decided we would go on another of the London Walks that we had enjoyed so much in the past.  We decided this time to not go quite so far a field and headed off to Highgate for their Old Highgate Village walk  Our instructions were to meet Richard III at the tube station.  
Highgate is a beautiful part of London, as they say in the blurb its more like a country well they put village but I would say town, than anyother part of London.

Highgate is renowned for the type of personage who has lived there, it has always been a very arty place, the list of previous and present residents reads as follows:

Coleridge, Dickens, Betjeman, Cromwell, Nell Gwyn, Dick Whittington, Yehudi Menuhin, George Michael, Annie Lennox, and Sting. George Michael, Victoria Wood and Jonathon Pryce who’s home we in fact walked past on the walk.

As ever the guide was full of the deepest reaching knowledge and we learnt a lot of the area, I will of course not spoil the walk and mention it here.  But we learnt the origin of the name and also how it was the first town to have a congestion charge many many moons ago.Its funny isn’t it from our preset vantage point, we think all these notions are new but  as Solomon once said ‘there is nothing new under the sun’.

Highgate School

J.B Priestley Plaque






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