Last Friday night I was to be found in the wonderful Taste of China Restaurant in Hoddeston, and whilst we were enjoying their sumptuous food, some candles floated past followed by the familiar chorus of ‘Happy Birthday to you…’ and I wondered out loud why it is that we celebrate birthdays… its as old as the hills I am sure, but its so ingrained within our culture that I never thought to ponder that before… so I had a little investigation… and this is what I found…

It turns out I was right it is as old as the hills, in fact older!

It is really an astrological event that has been around for millennia. It is our oldest celebration,  and one that was to be found in all cultures as soon as they had developed a calendar.

It would appear that way back, when the altering days were viewed from the position of the sun in the heavens, it came to be noticed that if the sun was in the position as your birth-day it seemed to bring good things to you… People almost subconsciously gave you presents upon that day, inticing the celebrant to want to share his day and gifts with other hence parties  started to occur.

So its all down to luck, people in the mists of time, paying attention to what happens to people on the day of their birth.. is this yet another important lesson that we have lost through the years? as with everything we tend to focus on the negative ‘oh no I am another year older’ not wow I’ve made it to another year lets celebrate… it is funny how our minds seem to be so programmed into the negative these days….  also birthdays have taken on a very defined structure, you turn 18 you can get drunk, have sex.. you turn 21 you can have the key to the door, you turn 50 your getting old 🙂

On a more positive note, it is said that those that follow astrology know that if they are to start some thing on their birthday it will have extra potential, so before you tuck into your birthday cake, pause for thought and have a think….

what would you most like to receive from the world this year? send it out there and you never know… it might just happen!

Happy Birthday !


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