The Bride That Time Forgot (Brenda & Effie Mystery #5)The Bride That Time Forgot by Paul Magrs

Well what to make of this book! a Christmas prezzie from Aunty Mary (Thanks Mary) It is a bizarre little book!
The main character is Brenda who is rather like a supernatural Miss Marple! she has her friends Robert Penny and her best friend Effie.
The book is set in Whitby, I love Whitby and as I was reading the book I could really envisage all that was going on, as the last time I was there it was a ‘Goths’ weekend, by that I don’t mean sulky teenagers with too much black eyeliner, no, proper ‘Goths’, looking resplendent in their Victorian garb. So the occurrences of the book however far fetched, seemed all rather believable in a mad sort of way.
Its a very English book, the excitement is all brought down a level when discussed over tea and walnut cake or fish and chips.
We travel to far off worlds and meet strange gay lizard people. So its all great fun. I guess it would be described as a modern day pulp novel…. I have read there are others in the series.

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