Morning Glory
Roger Michell * Runtime

Well with a cast including: Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Jef Goldblum, you knew you were onto a winner. I just have to look at Jeff Goldberg  and want to pop one of my all time favourite films right back into the DVD player (The Big Chill). Harrison Ford takes a real departure from his usual fare in this role and pulls it off as the grumpy egotistical veteran newsman who has to go on ‘Daytime’ TV. Diane Keaton who I always love looks fantastic and as always is great in the film. However, with all those top names in the film, it is really stolen by the comedic acting of Rachel McAdams who really does run away with the film – she is hillarious!

Daft and subtle all at once! We were laughing out loud at her little nuances of chaos!  It’s a great Saturday night movie, get the popcorn in, put your feet up and prepare to be entertained!


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