Smile opening night © Lucy Hall

Van Dyke’s contribution can not be understated.

His musical  ideas and wonderful imagery and poetic lyrics with all their subtle nuisances and inspirtions and sense of fun and wonder are awe inspiring.He showed that a lyric can be intelligent and full of joy without compromising the value of the melody.

I learn from Van Dyke and he is the sweetest of souls and men and i hope the whole world giives him the credit he deserves not just for Smile but for his body of work his persitence and his constant creation of material.

Smile opening night © Lucy Hall

He is a brilliant guy and one man that  learn from again and again.

I believe the presence of compassion move through his soul and his charm and humor are evident in his musc and words.

I think he is simply amazing as an artist and innovative.

I wish him a grand journey.

Stephen John Kalinich

© SJK 2011


Me with Van Dyke Parks!!! Smile opening night © Lucy Hall

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