“One remarkable thing about this Smile this music is the complex patch work of layered sections woven together and pieced together in sound..
Is that from the Streets of Hawthorne could rise up a bunch of young men who would influence the world capture the Spirit of a time with a spiritual Quest in sound that rose from these every day streets into something dark and sometimes glorious something exciting new to rise from surfing to a concerto of notes and voices choral and abrasive sound bites like the inner workings of a thought being born and arriving at what it takes to Smile a genuine Smile in our age and time with all this chaos and madness and the irony that a Smile was written by someone whose soul was at times torn a Beethoven of the new age who was bestowed with gifts that he did not fully understand.

“This is said from my gut my heart. I love Brian Wilson I love his music.
I love the window the door he opened into the soul and it is like The Dark Night of the soul however only something that could occur in the late sixties in California between materialism and poverty a musical experience that would be created in the soul of some young man from Hawthorne who had transcended time country and tapped into the infinite quilt of the many leveled Universe like a leap in Quantum Physics as of sound waves stretching out from a place in time to a Forever echo.”

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