I had been looking forward to… but had also been a bit concerned…. having read the basic premise of the film, which for those that don’t know I will quickly tell you here.. the lovely Jake Gyllehaul is sent back in time into the body of a chap who happens to be on a train that is about to explode, his mission should he choose to except it (except he has no choice) is to figure out over repeated trips back who did it and why, to prevent them from blowing up Chicago. Well, my fear lay in that episode of Star Trek Next generation, that I have seen a few times 🙂  where they keep repeating the same story over and over and over again until they realise that they are skipping in time… the trouble there being that they didn’t differ the scenes very much and it got tedious beyond belief! so I was worried this would have the same thing occurring, well, of course, I need not have feared, in the trusty hands of Duncan Jones ( I won’t bother to mention here who’s son he is as he must be getting really cheesed off by that) and Jake, we were in for a ride… It’s a great movie, very clever idea, lots of twists and turns if you will pardon the pun.  Even though we do travel back onto the train a few times its different each time, we have a lovely actress called Michelle Monaghan who brightens his visits up. So all in all a romping film, Liz was very confused at the end of it. But i enjoyed it very much!

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