What a lovely surprise this movie was!  I popped it on last night thinking at first that it didn’t look very promising, but how wrong could I have been! It is hilarious!  I’m talking laugh out loud even when you’re not feeling, well, hilarious!!!

We meet Olive, played by a brilliant young actress called Emma Stone, I predict we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future.. She is an average high school student until a little white lie changes all that!

The script is brilliantly written by Bert V. Royal. Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson almost steal the show as her hippy dippy parents,  they get some of the best lines in the movie! Lisa Kudrow appears and to be honest is just like her character in Friends… Malcolm McDowell even makes a fleeting appearance as the head teacher

So once again I am sorry Valentine, (who said I must write some reviews where I don’t like the movies 🙂  this one gets a firm thumbs up!  go and hire it now, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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