Google Plus – Fighting through the technology!

I don’t know about you guys but tackling Google plus is not for whimps…

We here at Loving Social Media decided to make life easier. . So below are some screen shot‘s that walk your through the process and look out for our video on this subject too!

Once you have signed into your Google account Click on your name (top right)

Choose Circle from the drop down list

To Start a hang out yourself, simply scroll down the page and click on “send a hangout”

Decide who you want to hang out with and type in their name of the friends you wish to include in your hangout, Hey presto you can chat with your friends all at once and you don’t even need to go to the pub!

You may be invited to join a hangout. Once you have been invited, a red number will be flashing at the top here, click on that link and you will then join in.