The Tears of Autumn.The Tears of Autumn. by Charles McCarry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Liam on Goodreads site suggested this book to me. I had never heard of it but was in the mood for a spy thriller and this one fit the bill brilliantly. Based on JFK and the mystery of who shot him, we meet Paul Christopher who is an American agent who feels he has to do something to get to the bottom of this mystery as he doesn’t see anyone else trying.

The book is brilliantly written, you really get inside his head, see all his foibles and accompany him on his exciting travels from county to country!

I won’t give anything away but if you love a good Bond movie or a John Le Carre, you will love this.

The book was written in ’74 but isn’t dated at all.. a great romp and thanks Liam for the heads up!

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