So all of a sudden it was our monthly meeting in Muswell Hill. I headed off to pick up Louise. It was a glorious sunny day here in London and we had a great chat as we drove along.  There was a really good turn out, everyone keen to get back on track with their businesses.  Louise noticed that Liz had very kindly added our social media event to their flyers which is much appreciated 🙂 and she also mentioned it during her introduction to the group, so we have a few more attendees as a result!

We went round the table hearing who was within our group today, it’s always a brilliantly eclectic mix here at Muswell Hill.  Accountants, writers, reflexology, energy, doctors, photographer, fitness, hypnosis, you name it they are there!

Our talk today was very interesting, given by a lady called Sangeeta, who is a firm believer in the power of serendipity. In fact to such an extent that she has called her company  She gave some brilliant advice on the power of not closing one’s self off, be open to all and you just never know who could be on the other side of a door or in todays world a tweet!

So as ever a brilliant meeting!  Thanks once again to Liz for her kind words and see you next month if not before!

If you are a member of the Small Business network and would like to join us for our Social Media talk, please follow the link here to claim your 50% discount! hope to see you there