Me Garry Nigel and one banana

What a great day we had today!  Garry and I were to be found at the Motorcycle Museum in Solihull. Garry had survived a night out in the sticks with no mobile phone signal in the pub (I could see him quizzically looking at his phone, thinking he had lost his right arm, and was most relieved when I informed him it was just no signal 🙂

The reason for our journey into the north was Nigel Botterill!  He was hosting one of his MySBN days. For those who don’t know, Nigel is a hugely successful business man and also knows an awful lot about social media, so you can well imagine how much we were looking forward to the day!

Me Nigel Garry sans Banana 🙂

We were the first to arrive, so plenty of time for networking. There were some really great people there, some of who had taken part in the course and some that were new to it all like me.

Nigel asked us through, Garry got us the best seats. The day was co hosted by a chap called Aaron Clancy who was over from New Zealand, who is an expert on SEO.

First of all Nigel went round the room and asked us our name and what we did, he loved our LovingSocialMedia URL and asked us how long ago we had bought it. He seemed very surprised when I answered 3 months ago:-), then he asked us what questions we wanted answered and made sure that throughout the day we crossed them off one by one… I decided to make the most out of the day and interact as much as I could… little did I know how far and how helpful this actually would be!  Or that I needed to use a microphone, so when I announced to the room that Garry had had another optician say that he wanted us to focus solely on him as an optician. Nigel wondered where Garry had gone and my voice boomed out to the loo, just as Garry reappeared round the corner.

During lunch I asked Nigel if he would mind giving us some help on a very important pitch that we were to deliver the very next day. When we told him what it was he was very impressed and suggested that we involve the rest of the group… which we did. I thought afterwards it was as if those Gods upstairs were moving the chess pieces about once again just in the right positions for us, we got some brilliant advice!

In the afternoon Aaron shared some really useful information and tools that are out there for all to see and use ie SEO tools and wordpress tools, we were all scribbling away!  I’m looking forward to implementing them all….

It was a brilliant day, we learnt so much and have so much to implement now… I need to consult my notebook (old fashioned moleskin not mac:-) over the next few days I will be using some of the things we learnt in this blog… but if Nigel comes to any area near you then I highly recommend you go and spend a day with him!

The best bit of advice came unexpectedly at the end, a lady asked him how it is that he is so confident and so successful, and he gave a wonderful emotive response… that has altered the way I deal with my business forever!  Thanks so much Nigel and Aron for such a great day!

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