We arrived on Friday night into the darkness of Crick. Poppy was straight out off looking for mice and hedgehogs to terrorise! Mum informed us that we had arrived on a rather special weekend…. Crick Feast, we had no idea what she was talking about but it seems that the last one was held 100 years ago and some bright spark thought it about time they had another one. It was timed to co-inside with the harvest festival. So dotted about the village were lots of vegetables…. on church pews, on random shelves in pubs, vegetables disguised as animals….

Imaginative vegetables/Crick Feast!

they were everywhere… there were also some gorgeous old cars and tractors, a village fete took place on The Marsh. We decided to be brave and have a go at the quiz, which took the form of a walking quiz, which was brilliant fun, I’m sure I had walked past the clues many many times before, but failed to find them!

We entered St Margaret’s Church and a chap had put together a brilliant history of Crick, faces long lost in the mists of time stared back at us beside a brief missive of their time in the village..

All in all it was rather splendid!

We didn’t do very well at the quiz however so have left Dad with 5 questions to answer upon his return from Somerset.

St Margarets in the glorious sunshine, Crick Feast

Well done to all the organisers for putting on such a great weekend and let us hope they don’t leave it another 100 years until the next one!




Crick 1866

Liz and Pete looking for clues!

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