Me presenting at the We Network taken by Karen from my Coffee Stop

So Garry announced that we had been invited to talk at the We Networks 2nd event. It was held at the Kings Head in Winchmore Hill. I had not been there before but was really impressed with their website and the pub did not let that down. It was a gorgeous place, the toilets were rather hard to find though as they were disguised as bookshelves!!!

I don’t know if you guys have heard of the We Network? Just in case… it was started earlier this year by Mel Tadhunter and Laura Sorrell, (in fact Garry and I were at their launch night at Forty Hall). The group is run by and aimed at ladies but men are also more than welcome to attend.

The room was packed.. 45 or so men and women, some familiar faces were there too. Sara from Benefacto, the brilliant hynotherapist Bridget Mansfield, Helen from N21Online and Karin from My Coffee Stop  to name but a few and I got the opportunity to meet lots of lovely new people too!

Garry took to the stage right after Mel’s introduction to the group, he had a few technical difficulties mastering the PowerPoint doobery so I took over much to the hilarity of the room;-) Garry was then off, his usual wild and wondrous self!  That’s the trouble you see… I’m not very keen on presenting and then to follow someone as characteristic as Garry… well it takes some doing…   He discussed facebook and google + and then it was over to me for blogging.  I think it went well, we got some great feedback, so that’s all that matters… the rest of the night we spent networking.  I had a brilliant conversation with Garry’s friend the brilliant photographer Roulla Silver, we certainly did cover some ground with our chat 🙂 and she took some great shots of the event!