I had seen this reviewed by the brilliant Claudia Winkleman on film 2011. I seem to recall she gave it a good review but hey it was very late at night!  I’m not sure Barry Norman would have been so kind!


The film takes us on the relationship journey of Dean and Cindy. You see the happiness only through flashbacks, it starts with a child looking for her dog… from then on you knew it was going to be a bumpy ride! It is a very good film… if very intense, we were left rather reeling at the end of it. No happy ending to be found here.


The leads are played by a chap called Ryan Gosling, who reminded me of Christian Slater in ‘True Romance’ but it might just have been due to the shades!  Michaelle Williams was excellent as the wife torn between her heart and keeping sane.


The sound track is great by Grizzly Bear, it is actually a very gritty film.  It deals with the harshness of a breakup and how it affects us and makes us feel.  A good film but definitely not one for a first date.

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