Picture the scene… I am to be found in Brixworth Primary School; Mrs Rose announces to the class that we are to do a project on potatoes.  Having loved the Beach Boys since I was 7, I only had 20 golden greats on tape but Dad had not long returned from Florida with a copy of ‘Sunshine Dreams’ cassette for me,  which had the classic ‘Vegetables’ . So I piped up to Mrs Rose that I had a song called ‘Vegetables’ and could I bring it in to share with the class. Mrs Rose shocked at my enthusiasm for a project agreed. So the next day, armed with my ‘Summer Dreams’ tape I arrived at school although a bit nervous of the reception it would have. My peers were all into Duran Duran or some such… we all sat as Mrs Rose popped the tape into the player…. The classroom was hushed as the song filled the room but soon the class were in hysterics!  Mrs Rose didn’t look quite as amused though…. I think she knew they were munching on a lot more than carrots when they recorded the song and I do believe she ejected the tape before it had even finished!

Ahhh the memories of youth!

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