We are pleased to announce that ‘California Feeling’ has been placed on the Official Ballot for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards by the Recording Academy in several categories. It’s an honor to be placed on the ballot and we need your help to get Stephen and company into the Final Top 5 Nominees.

The CD was produced by Mark Linett and Alan Boyd, and executive produced by Carol Schofield for MsMusic Records.

‘California Feeling’ is on the ballot for Best Pop Vocal Album including recognition for tracks by Stacy Keach and Sarah Al-Mulla (‘The Magic Hand’), and Rachel & The Reindeerz (‘Child of Winter’), which includes the first-ever appearance on the Grammy ballot by Brian Wilson’s grandchildren, Lola & Luci Bonfiglio, and Leo, Beau, Jesse & Willem Knutson.

If you are a voting member of the Grammys, we ask for your consideration in voting for Stephen Kalinich and Friends’ ‘California Feeling.’ The Grammy ballots have now been sent to all voting members and must be received by the Academy by Wednesday, November 2.

Also, if you know someone else who is casting their vote in this year’s Grammys, please forward the following information and ask for their vote on Stephen and Friends’ behalf.

And as always, please let us know if you’ve got something on the ballot that needs our attention as well.

Please note : Each category has an Official Three-digit Ballot Entry Number that Grammy members will need to vote for Stephen and company.

Thanks so much for all your help and consideration.

Warm regards,

Al Gomes and A. Michelle
Big Noise


you can buy the album here:

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