Firstly I want to confess to you that I am a rock snob…. I know, I know it’s not clever and it’s not funny. I can’t help it… I have always known I have the best taste in music that there is and that’s that! Even when I was young, as I have written here before my musical taste was called into question as early as primary school but I stood proud.. I knew I was on the winning team and 30 odd years later this very week has proven testiment to that with the release of ‘Smile’.

The same day I believe or there abouts, Coldplay offered their latest project to the world. I had heard bits and wasn’t in a huge rush to listen to it but Chris Martin has also got pretty good taste in music. His first love being a-ha who I have loved since their conception and the late great Jeff Buckley, so it was with some optimism that I cycled into Enfield Town and popped into HMV.

First observation they seem to have gone down ‘The Police’ route of unpronounceable album names… i.e ‘Zenyatta Mondatta’, ‘Regatta De Blanc’ etc (both classics by the way).

So I popped it onto my mac, oh how things have changed… and sat down to give it a listen… and it just didn’t grab me…. It’s really sad as I really wanted to… I have listened to it a few times and I can’t even remember one of the songs… worse still as it drew to a close it segued into ‘ A Sudden Rush of Blood To The Head’ which is of course a classic album! Each song gets into your head and remains there for some time!  It is also for me immersed in a time of joy and sorrow, a life a million miles away from the one I inhabit now… Let’s see and maybe in time their new one will find a place in my heart….

Poppy watching me write this blog 🙂

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