Twisted AgendasTwisted Agendas by Damian McNicholl

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I got a lovely e-mail from the author of this book asking if we would mind reading and reviewing it for our website, ‘gladly’ I replied and I’m very glad I did as it’s a great book….

You meet Danny who feels trapped in Ireland, his life mapped out for him by his demanding father.., a life Danny has no desire to live. He has a girlfriend who he has some how found himself engaged to.. He has to break free and find out who he is….

Fast forward to a boat ride from Ireland to England. Danny meets a young American girl called Pippa and they strike up a friendship that determines how Danny’s life in London will take shape.

Damian really brings the characters to life, the detail of their daily life, you can really visualise where he is, who he is and what is happening in his world.

I wasn’t sure where the book was taking me but I was quite happy to be taken. The IRA is involved as it is set during those days of bombs and threats and constant worry. Isn’t it sad that we get through that period only to be found in the same situation but caused by others…

The conclusion of the book was a brilliant twist… I can’t spoil it here suffice to say that we have to be so very careful with the routes we take in life as we never know where they might lead us…

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