I was having a nightmare! all I wanted was a simple drop down paypal button on a wordpress site… I watched the video’s that told me to download this plugin and that plugin, none of which worked, then one said simply choose the e-mail option in paypal instead, well there wasn’t one which I later learnt was because I had a drop down button.. then by accident I thought ‘what if I put the button in a table’ so Then I had to download http://tobias.baethge.com/wordpress-plugins/wp-table-reloaded-english/  and set that all up, but then when I put my button code directly copied from paypal into one of the table boxes wouldnt you know it it worked!!! Hallelujah!

so the long and the short of it is,

  1. design your button in paypal
  2. download the wp-table reloaded plugin
  3. go to the plugin section
  4. create a new table
  5. copy the html button code into one of the tables
  6. press save
  7. go to the pub!
By the way the button was created for the lovely ladies of the We-Network who are having their first Sparkle Event on Thursday 24th November at the Dugdale Centre, you can now book your tickets here 

The finished product

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