Every time i think of something different when I hear Little Bird but today I think how life God grace revealed it to me in a bird the key to creation creativity and all life and it was Dennis first raw melody that the lines inspired. Like it was pre ordained spontaneous a channel from heaven and in the bird i saw in an instant like Zen’ all life all truth mans inhumanities and felt and knew the Little Bird had the answer and the Trout in the shining brook. We complicate our live so much we search for meaning and try to be heavy deep but life is simple Take that simple path and love will set you free.Its all there. Living that as a part of being is what it is about breaking down the wall between beings. Little Bird is had the added touch of Brian doing the bridge
and changing a word or two around and never took credit at the time but i would say that Little Bird is a blending of Spirit of Brian Dennis and myself into an organic whole and is a joyous expression of the beauty and goodness possible to experience in this life.
It is for all people at all times in all needs and situations.
Little Bird is within us all.
Stephen John Kalinich

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